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Biscuits - Sweet & Savoury

With such great biscuit makers right here in Dorset we have a tempting range from Moores and Fudges

Dorset Ginger Biscuits 150g £1.60
Dorset Orange Choc Chip 150g £1.60
Dorset Lemon & Stem Ginger 150g £1.60

Dorset Shortbread 150g


Dundee Shortbread 450g




Dorset Walnut Crunch 150g £1.60
Dorset Butter Crunch £150g £1.60
Dorset Assortment 600g £6.30
Dorset Knobs 200g £2.90
Dorset Knobs Tin 300g £12.99
Cheddar Wafers 100g £3.50
Stilton Wafers 100g £3.50
Walnut Wafers 100g £3.50
Biscuits for Cheese Selection 300g £6.25
Marmite Flatbreads 150g £3.20