Our Products.

From udder to bottle in less than 24 hours, for that fresh quality taste! Our milking parlour is less than 40 metres from the processing unit for traceability and keeping food miles as low as possible. We also process our milk into other dairy products such as clotted, single, double and whipping cream, plus a variety of ice cream flavours (again all made on site!). We also sell a range of local produce from eggs, fresh vegetabes and meats from surrounding businesses. 

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Milk - Semi, Pasturised & Skimmed  
Pints 70p
Litres £1.03
2 Litres £1.93
Double Cream  
5oz 68p
10oz £1.12
1 Pint £1.90
1 Litre £3.80
2 Litre £7.32
Single Cream  
5oz 46p
10oz 88p
1 Pint £1.32
1 Litre £2.92
2 Litre £5.54
Clotted Cream  
4oz £1.44
8oz £2.22
1lb £3.78
1kg £8.20
Coastal Cheddar (1kg) £8.75
Stilton (1kg) £9.73
Cheddar & Spring Onion (1kg) £12.74
West Country Brie (1kg) £12.60
Dorset Red (1kg) £8.96
After Burn (1kg) £13.15
Capricorn (each) £2.23
Cheddar & Marmite (1kg) £12.74
Mature Cheddar (1kg) £6.02
Cave Aged (200gm) £3.45
Mild Cheddar (1kg) £5.53
Blue Vinny (1kg) £13.03
Farmhouse Butter (250gm) £2.04
Unsalted Butter (250gm) £2.07
Brick Butter (250gm) £1.45
Stapleton Luxury Yoghurts  
Raspberry, Nectarine & Passion Fruit, Gooseberry, Strawberry & Clotted Cream, Sour Cherry (150gm) 73p
Large Natural (400gm) £1.05
Greek Natural (400gm) £1.25
Free Range - Dozen £2.66
Free Range - Half Dozen £1.33
Juice Press  
Orange (500ml) £1.10
Apple (500ml) £1.10
Cranberry (500ml) £1.10
Swanky's Cakes
Available to order
Selection of freshly baked bread from Sgt Bun
Jams & Preserves  
Local Dorset Honey from Broadmayne, Clear or Set (340gm) £5.80
Jar of Otter Vale Chutney (225gm) £2.80
The Cherry Tree (300gm) £3.85
Boddingtons Conserves (227gm) £2.85
Porridge Oats (500gm) £1.80
Granola, Various (500gm) £4.10
Deluxe Muesli (500gm) £4.10
Cranberry Crunch (500gm) £3.50
Dorset Ginger Biscuits (150gm) £1.80
Dorset Orange & Choc Chip (150gm) £1.80
Dorset Lemon & Stem Ginger (150gm) £1.80
Dorset Shortbread (200gm) £3.95
Dorset Walnut Crunch (150gm) £1.80
Dorset Butter Crunch (150gm) £1.80
Dorset Biscuit Assortment (600gm) £6.80
Dorset Knobs (200gm - when available) £2.99
Dorset Knobs Tin (300gm) £13.99
Dorset Ginger Gift Box (300gm) £3.95
Dorset Chocolate Chip Gift Box (300gm) £3.95
Dorset Walnut Crunch Gift Box (300gm) £3.95
Dorset Butter Crunch Gift Box (300gm)  £3.95
Biscuits for Cheese Selection (300gm) £6.30
Marmite Flatbreads (150gm) £3.20
Cheese Sticks (100gm) £2.99
Dorset Farms
Ham and Bacon pre-packed - Weights & prices vary. Please Contact us
Thorners Meats
Available to order
Local Fruit & Veg
Available to order
Local Pies and Pastries from Weymouth Deli
Available to order till Christmas 
Local Fudges  
Various Flavours (125gm) £2.90
Craig's Farm Dairy Ice Cream - Available from our Farm Shop  
Cones - 1 x Scoop £2.50
Cones - 1 x Small Tub £2.75
Chocolate Sprinkle Cone £2.90
Tub (500ml) £3.25
Tub (1lt) £5.75
Tub (4lt) £18.99

Ice-Cream Flavours: Vanilla, Choc, Strawberry, Rum & Raisin, Raspberry Meringue, Coffee, Chocolate, Mint Choc, Toffee Fudge, Dorset Apple Cake, Turkish Delight and Honeycombe, Banana, Cherry.